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Choose from a variety of Park.rd Coffee products comprising of a specialty espresso blend and unique single origins that are of specialty grade coffee – ethically sourced, freshly roasted and delicious. Our E-store will soon add more coffees, brewing accessories and other great offers for coffee lovers!

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We are currently supplying wholesale of our specialty blends to Cafes, Restaurant, Hotels, Clubs and Retail outlets.



Park Rd
  • Pure Grades We import the highest grade coffee beans available typically relating to the entire supply chain, using single origin or single estate coffee.
  • Wide Assortment Wide range of sourcing from over 3 continents ( South America, Central America & Asia).
  • Fresh Roasting Skillful execution of the roasting process is essential because it transforms the properties of a green coffee bean into delicious coffee.
  • High Quality Quality control over at our roastery ensures thorough check of defects after roasting, inspected by our Master Roaster himself.
  • Excellent Grinding Our roastery is equipped with state of the art industrial grinding machine, grinding the coffee to your preferred grind size based on the extraction process the end user has.
  • Awesome Aroma Multiple level of cupping process ensures the coffee that are to be supplied and sold are not short of aroma, body and flavor.

Serving coffee shops, restaurants and hotels with our espresso blends

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